Minneapolis Child Support Attorney

At Green Law Office, P.A., we represent parents in all types of child support matters. We can determine the required level of support in your case and advise you regarding your legal options. If you are paying too much or receiving less than you are entitled to, we can go to court in an effort to achieve your goals.

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Child Support and the Law

In Minnesota, the required amount of child support is determined by formulas set out in the statutes. The amount of support is based on the actual or potential incomes of the parents, the time the child spends with each parent, and other factors.

Attorney Pamela L. Green has been helping people achieve their child support goals for more than thirty years. She can quickly determine the required level of child support in your case and use the legal system to aggressively pursue your goals.

If a significant change in circumstances has occurred, such as a change in income, the child's living arrangements or needs, we can seek to modify the child support order.

Complex Child Support Issues

In some cases determining the correct child support level involves more than simply applying mathematical formulas. Ms. Green can address and resolve more complex child support matters — for example, when a parent's income is seasonal, commission-based, from self-employment or varies widely from year to year.

If a parent is attempting to hide income or is intentionally working at a job far below his or her earning potential, our firm can call upon a professional such as a forensic accountant or vocational specialist who can provide support for your case. Then we will go to court to pursue your goals.

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